Pittsburgh voted city with the most “meh” weather

Earlier this month, Pittsburgh was voted “City with the most ‘meh’ weather” by US Airways’ in-flight magazine. Pittsburgh ranked number one on the list, just surpassing Toledo, Ohio.
Editor-in-chief Boris Clump says the criteria included how aggressively people discussed the weather. He explained that since there is neither a huge amount of complaining or praising of the weather, Pittsburgh seemed “okay enough” for number one. 

“I mean I guess the weather’s alright here,” said local resident Steely McSteelface “It’s not too bad in the summer when the Pirates are winning, in the fall you just need a light Steelers jersey. The winter gets snowy but I don’t pay it much mind because it’s hockey season, it just kind of sits there and does it’s thing. Do I get a free plane ticket out of this?” 
Clump added, “If you go farther south, it’s real hot and sticky and they’ve got gators and whatnot. If you go north they have igloos and avalanches and stuff. But in Pittsburgh, it’s real average.”
The prize includes a free copy of the in-flight magazine for every resident of the city as well as recalled peanut packages from 2011.
No one in Toledo could be reached for comment. There is speculation they are boycotting Pittsburgh.

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