OP-ED: Easier Ballot Access Could Allow Koch Brothers to Vote Twice!

We all know that the wealthy Koch brothers exert an alarming amount of influence over elections through their elaborate network of PACS, super PACs and super duper PACS—but just think what they’ll be able to do if liberals are able to move forward with their plans to make it easier for Americans to cast their ballots. Now that liberals are pushing for early voting, automatic registration and Get-Out-the-Vote drives, it’s going to be even harder to keep power-hungry Charles G. and David H. Koch from messing with 2016.
The brothers have announced a near $900 million dollar budget for the upcoming presidential election. This figure is especially troubling to Georgetown University political analyst, Shannon Reynolds, given that Oregon residents are now automatically able to vote with their driver’s licenses. “$900 million divided by $150, the cost of the average fake I.D., equals 6 million. That means 6 million votes for the Koch brothers,” she explained. “This is why we need stricter voter identification measures.”

Despite criticism, the brothers insist they’re only trying to get their fair share of democracy. “Tuesdays are really busy for me,” said Charles G. Koch, when asked about his support Hillary Clinton’s proposal for 20 days of early voting. He added, “As an American, it’s important to me to be able to cast my ballot, but I can’t just reschedule all of my meetings.”

His younger brother agreed. “It’s not just blacks, Hispanics and young people, business men are a traditionally disenfranchised group too,” said David. “My local polling place never has adequate space for limo parking.”