Places We Want to go on Vacay when Quarantine Ends

By Tyler, Savannah, Abby, Sonya

  1. Walt Disney World just so that I can high-five Phineas and Ferb then go home
  2. The cheese department in Wegmans
  3. Giant Eagle, the one I don’t normally go to
  4. Publix
  5. Los Angeles so that I can hang around all of the cool places that I think Jeff Goldblum would go in hopes that our eyes lock across the crowded room and I use a series of suggestive eyebrow waggles and winks to tell him that I want to be his best friend. I then leave but not before covertly sticking a handmade friendship bracelet into his hand without him noticing, bewildering him and sending him on a many years long quest to find me again and give me his own homemade friendship bracelet. It is nowhere as nice as mine is, but it’s the thought that counts.
  6. Applebees
  7. A vacation home in the woods that houses seven odd-personalitied short men that like to whistle as they work in the mines.
  8. The hair salon
  9. Universal Studios to see the Trolls and drink butterbeer :)
  10. Dutch Bros Coffee (unless I get a green straw)
  11. The Old Mill at Kennywood… wait nevermind
  12. My Girlfriend’s house, once I get a girlfriend, and she gets a house, and she invites me over of course, because I would not want to show up un announced, well not again, this is all assuming that I have broken into my girlfriend’s house before, possibly that is how we got together
  13.  Lush so that I can eat the bath bombs
  14.  Kansas
  15.  The butterfly room at Longwood Gardens
  16.  Claires to hit up all that new Jojo Siwa swag
  17.  The Monongahela National Forest to find bigfoot ;))
  18.  An island so I can, in all seriousness, sell turnips in real life and live a peaceful life
  19.  Wherever Carmen Sandiego is
  20.  A bar, because I will be 21, and I would like to die in a bar fight
  21.  To a nice pond to go frog-sighting
  22.  All the places Covid went so I can go on a fun world tour
  23.  To kiss my girlfriend, as with before (see #12), if I have one, if I do not then I will “borrow” a girl to become my girlfriend
  24. Prison (see #23)