I almost threw up on my aunt’s carpet the last time I played VR there. Here’s 10 reasons why you should try VR too!

By Abby Stoudt


10- You get to lose all sense of spacial awareness and feel bad.

9- You can almost break a $100 remote by dropping it on a table that doesn’t exist.

8- You can almost punch someone in the middle of Crab Rave on Beat Saber.

7- You can actually punch someone in the middle of Crab Rave on Beat Saber.

6- You can punch a hole through the TV in the middle of Crab Rave on Beat Saber.

5- You can get confused during a racing game and think that the floor disappeared. It’s not really gone, you know. You can put your feet down, but you also don’t want to risk putting your feet down in case that it’s really gone, and you can’t take the headset off because you’ll lose your race.

4- It’s VR baby!

3- You get to actually meet and touch your Minecraft gf in Minecraft VR.

2- You too get to partake in the intimate ritual of sharing forehead sweat with someone.

1- You might actually throw up on your aunt’s carpet.

Top Ten Top Ten Lists

By Hannah Lynn
No one can resist a good listicle. But what a listicle made of listicles? We live in the future and the world is a nightmare! Anyway, enjoy.

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