Independent Rapists Still Manage to Find Opportunities Outside of Greek Life

Despite recent trends, it’s important to remember that the college rape experience need not be limited to Greek life. Many college rapists report meaningful non-consensual sex without ever having to rush a fraternity. College sophomore and rapist, Adam Joseph, likes having the freedom to rape on his own without ever having to go to meetings or pay dues. “I didn’t want to buy into this whole system,” said Joseph.

Joseph hopes people will remember that there are a whole bunch of rapists who opt not to pledge. “We’re just as menacing and perverted. We do things on our own, without big organizations to back us up. But unfortunately, especially recently, we haven’t been getting the same recognition as rapists who have bought into the fraternity system.”

For rapist John Sandler, the experience of being an independent rapist in college was both challenging and fulfilling. “I didn’t just have someone scheduling mixer events where I could just go and rape women. I had to actually go out and find my own victims,” he said. Sandler maintains that abstaining from the Greek rape scene has left him time to pursue other non-consensual sex related activities, like catcalling, exposing himself in public and harassing women via the internet. “The experience of being a rapist in college is about you as a person,” he said. “It’s easy to lose sight of that when you become just a number.”