Types of Hands


By the writers of the Pittiful News

  1. Jazz hands
  2. Party hands
  3. Helping hands
  4. Sticky hands, with sticky fingers
  5. Small hands
  6. Grabby hands
  7. A singular piece of what a random website calls Plastic Robot Claw Hand Grabber Grabbing Stick Kid Boy Toy Move and Grab Things
  8. Cold hands
  9. Warm hands
  10. Slappy hands
  11. Raccoon hands!
  12. Hands, touching hands (reaching out)
  13. Farm hands
  14. Funny hands, with funny bones
  15. Near hands
  16. Far hands
  17. Wherever you are hands
  18. Stay at home hands (please)
  19. Hand, with five little piggies on it
  20. Handy Manny
  21. Goose strangler – sometimes they give you no choice