By Elisa Ogot
miss ben.jpgNo. That can’t be….Miss Ben Roethlisberger?? Look at the miracles a slim cut suit can perform. Fashion. Giving you just “hopped off a plane at LAX” realness. Fashion. Except that he’s getting onto a plane. FASHION. And it’s the Pittsburgh International Airport. YES THOSE GRAY SLABS BETTER WORK!! They are delivering a uniform tone to y’all. Setting up a COLOR. PALETTE.
I’d like to take a second to also acknowledge Mr. North Face simply strutting his way through the background. He is a jetsetter! He does not have time for any of this! He just got off work and had to scramble from RIDC Industrial Park to board this jet because like Shia Lebouf preached in Wall Street 2, money never sleeps hoe!! With his Giant Eagle S/S 16 plastic tote in tow….SIR.

But back to Ben, he is letting you know what time of year it is with this knit scarf that he has got draped around himself. Draped, not tied. He is giving you access to the other accents of this look–the powder blue dress shirt and complimentary colored tie–with this drapery. Miss Ben said “What the fuck I look like?? Someone who is going to craft a look like this and not have every facet be on display?? Come on, bitch.” No, you come on bitch!! Come on with that windswept Casablanca ass hairdo bidding us adieu from ev-er-y angle!! So much so that even Ben herself has to clutch her pearls. The drama of it all!! It’s too much for even me to handle, girl.