Most Fuckable Monsters

By Holly Stavarski

Every time you watch a horror movie you wrack your brain trying to answer the age old question, “Would I fuck this monster?” Don’t let this get in your way of enjoying a movie again! I’ve already thought about it for you, and your answer lies here in this comprehensive list of Most Fuckable Monsters.

5.  Ghosts
The ghosts depicted in horror movies are all usually on the Least Fuckable Monsters list because they are always some asshole demon that is out to kill the family that just bought the creepy farmhouse in the woods. But if you’ve never had one yank you out of bed by your ankle in the middle of the night and slam you up against the ceiling then boy oh boy are you not doing it right. Ghosts are the ultimate lovers if you like it rough and terrifying. Though this may not sound like they deserve their spot near the top of this list, then you are forgetting that there is always a possibility that the ghost could be Patrick Swayze and you can reenact that sexy pottery scene from the hit movie “Ghost.”

4. Slenderman
They don’t call him slender for nothing! But don’t let that discourage any of you size queens. He has multiple tentacles that he employs when he is aroused. Imagine the possibilities! If tentacles aren’t your thing, wait until he sucks you into the realm of darkness that is accompanied by the sweet sounds of children’s screams. He will have you squealing with delight!

3. Vampires
When people hear the word ‘vampire’ they think of the sparkly, romanticized version of the creatures that appear in the “Twilight” saga. Unfortunately the tweens that fell in love with Edward Cullen are missing out. Vampires as depicted in old Eastern European folktale are ancient creatures with translucent skin, scraggly unkempt hair, beady black eyes, and long fingernails – a look exponentially sexier than a 25-year-old British actor. If not for their ghoulish appearance, perhaps you may be drawn in by their ability to hypnotize and seduce you into dark, erotic adventures. And what is even more sexy is that they don’t let ‘that time of the month’ get in the way!

2. Frankenstein
The idea of multiple reanimated corpses mashed together to form one body is unappealing to some people, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The clumsiness of foreign parts that don’t belong to that brain will give you varying feelings of pleasure and will always leave you guessing what’s next. Not to mention that those cold limbs are coursing with enough electricity to leave a tingle up your spine.

1. Slimer

I know what some of you may be thinking, “Isn’t that the mischievous ghost from the Ghostbusters series and wouldn’t that mean he should be categorized with the other ghosts?” Yes, but you’re wrong. Slimer is not a ghost, he is a sex GOD. If you have seen him going to town on any food that is left laying around then you know how well he is going to ravage that pussy/bussy. And not to be too technical, but Slimer is made of pure ectoplasm, so he is always wet and ready to go.