“Would you like to switch to Renewable Energy?”

A man in a Green Mountain Energy shirt stops you in the street. He asks if you want to switch to renewable energy. You tilt your head. He tells you it changes the power they send you, but not the source of the power. You take a pamphlet. you realize you don’t know exactly where your power comes from. “The source is the same!” he calls after you in a vaguely taunting tone. “The source is the same.”


A man tabling for Red Mountain Energy stops you in the grocery store. “Would you like to switch to renewable energy?” Before you can get a word in, he assures you that “nothing will change, except the source of course.” You still don’t fully understand. You smile at him and he smiles back, wide and uncanny. The smile doesn’t leave his face as you walk away. You feel his eyes follow you as you shop.


You are sitting at home when you get a call from Blue Mountain Energy. They ask if you are happy with your new renewable energy plan. Silence. You don’t remember switching. Whatever is on the other end of the line is breathing heavily. It doesn’t seem like anything has changed. Your heart is beating out of your chest. You don’t remember giving them your number. You say yes. “Good.” You exhale. You didn’t realize you were holding your breath. “The source is the same.” The line is dead.

By: Laura Stockler