Op Ed: Oscar Nominations an Embarrassment to the Film Industry

By Hannah Lynn
The first thing I saw this morning when I looked at my phone was that this year’s Oscar nominations had been announced. I quickly scanned the list of actors and directors nominated before confirming what I already knew: the Oscars are run by a bunch of stodgy old white men who can’t recognize good art when they see it.

Each year, the nominations regressive standards of unoriginal film. A man fighting for survival in the snow? I’ll pass. Another wall street movie filled with white men in suits yelling at each other? I don’t think so. A wispy British man? No. There is a very obvious fear of going outside the box, a box the Academy has built for themselves out of impenetrable cinder blocks. There were several movies in 2015 that so clearly deserved to be nominated, but weren’t due to blatant prejudices.

I’ve been beating around the bush but I might as well call it like it is: The Oscars hate mall cops, and were so blinded by the hate that they didn’t nominate “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” I know, it’s an uncomfortable topic to talk about but it must be done if we want real change. “Paul Blart” is an excellent depiction of the trials and tribulations of being a mall cop in America, and it deserves just as much recognition as all the other films nominated.

Kevin James has slowly and steadily been working his way up the precarious ladder of the film world. From Otis the Cow in the arthouse classic “Barnyard” to Larry Valentine in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” James has been giving it his all and the effort shows in “Paul Blart.”

It’s time Hollywood flows down the inevitable river of progress, and gives artist the recognition they deserve, regardless of individual prejudices.