Pittiful News Writers Take the ‘What’s in my fridge?’ Challenge

By Tyler Sikov


We here at the Pittiful News do require sustenance to survive, as such we have fridges. Here is our ‘What’s in my fridge?’ challenge:

Sam: I use my fridge to contain my many jugs of baby formula

Pam: I use my Fridge to hold people I like so much I wanna keep them around forever…

Jam: Jelly and preserves.

Ham: Burgers

Spam: Emails

Cam: I want to have ketchup in my fridge, but people keep stealing it

Lamb: Escaped Convicts.

Flam: S’mores and flammable gasses

Jeff: Milk, eggs, butter, cheese, fruits, vegetables, pie crusts, human livers, soda… Just normal things everybody keeps in their fridge.

Dam: Mine is filled with loose water.

Damn: Totally legal chemicals for my definitely not a shady business

Gam: The Hulk.

Gram:  Loose Rice

Bam: Sophie’s Choice 2- The Return of The Pink Panther

Ram: Thousands of bottles of Gatorade and thousands of loose women.

Name: I have a fridge in my fridge