Top 15 ‘Game of Thrones’ Moments of All Time

With the final season of Game of Thrones coming out in the next few months, we would like to take a look back on the Top 15 moments from the show that we have had so far:

15. When we learn the truth about the mad king

It really puts things into perspective when you realize the mad king was served vegan food for dinner the night he got all pissy and killy. He was usually a nice guy.

14. When Little Finger’s older brother Big Finger was really cool

It makes you understand why Little Finger wants everything when his brother is so cool and he’s kind of lame.

13. When the high sparrow gets his swag on

We loved when he ditched that ugly poor man’s look and put on a leather jacket and some shades.

12. When Bran realizes the true potential of his power

Once he figured out he could use his vision power to watch medieval porn all day, that’s all he did. Fortunate for him, unfortunate for the rest when they all got killed by white walkers.

11. When George R.R. Martin Cameos as George R.R. Marting

Everyone was waiting for that epic moment where the creator would be in the creation, the only downside is that I didn’t notice Marting was Martin until somebody pointed it out to me later.

10. When Game of Thrones got political

You may think of the wall falling being related to immigration, but that was just a coincidence. The real political moment was when the Lannister army started chanting “Kanye 2020”.

9. When Sam goes alpha

Beta male no more, Sam proved himself alpha when he slapped his jerk of a dad right in the face and called him an old wanker.

8, When Tyrion dies of boredom

Nobody took him seriously when he claimed he was dying of boredom in that small council meeting. Boy it was awkward when he collapsed.

7. When Daenerys hits 1 million subscribers

Gained her YouTube cred for birthing dragons and making epic clickbait titles.

6. When Jon Snow wins a Beauty Pageant

Jon has a reputation for being pretty, so when he decided to enter a pageant we knew he was reaching his potential. There hasn’t been a dry eye that has experienced his winning the gold ribbon.

5. Hodor

Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor

4. When Joffrey accidentally drops his iPhone

It feels good when bad things happen to Joffrey, though he was king so he probably just got another one.

3. When Tyrion tricks everyone into thinking he isn’t a dwarf

You would have thought everyone would notice that he was using stilts when he first introduced himself to Daenerys, but you would have thought wrong. Dumb blondes am I right?

2. When Theon Greyjoy Wins the Lottery

I think we can all agree that Theon is quite the loser. That said, when he won the lottery I couldn’t help but wish I was him. We were all probably pretty jealous not gonna lie; Ramsey sure was.

1. When the Starks were gathered around the TV screen and the DVD logo hit the corner.

While Arya claims she has seen this happen in the past when nobody was around, most of Winterfell thinks she’s lying. So this is the first verified time.


By: Ben Ungar