Our Predictions for this upcoming semester

By the Writers of the Pittiful News

2021 University of Pittsburgh Calendar
  • I will remain alone. 
  • Dean Bonner will unhinge his jaw like a snake and eat Provost Ann Eggbert Cudd. 
  • J.K. Rowling will announce that Hogwarts was based off of The University of Pittsburgh.
  • I will eat another cactus.
  • I will kill another cactus. 
  • I will expand my parameters on Tinder. Age? Location? Gender? We’ll see.   
  • TikTok will sponsor the entire Pitt Theater Department.
  • My parents will love me.
  • The Power of Pitt signs will stay safe and unmolested for the entire year.
  • Roc will find love and retire to start a family.
  • I’ll find a new use for my now-empty under-the-bed wine cellar (it’s a storage tote).
  • I will be able to successfully count all the dots on my ceiling.
  • I might actually wear that dress I bought before COVID.
  • Mr. Sir His Highness Dean Bonner will continue to go on his “safety walks” and “gather feedback” from “students”. I bet half of the people he’s talking to don’t even go here! 
    • Drop the names, Kenyon!!!!
  • That one spot on Forbes will continue to smell absolutely rancid.  
  • Upperclassmen may not be able to make rent due to the lack of freshmen partying.
  • Your Tinder date will go badly. 
  • 90% of freshmen will get overcharged for weed. 
  • You will save up your dining dollars only to be sent home in two months and never be able to use them again.
  • Eric will be paid generously for his hard work here at the Pittiful News.
  • It will turn out that your college experience was merely a very long dream you had during a coma you went in during high school– all of that knowledge you have accumulated is literally just dreamy nonsense.
  • I will be happy, finally. Right guys? Right? 
  • The panther statue will become a COVID superspreader. 
  • My illegal hamster will join the Cathy Club.
  • Maybe I’ll learn how to cook.
  • I will fall asleep in the arms of my beloved. (This could be difficult as I buried them two months ago after I successfully became a widower.)
  • Tyler will learn to spell words with two or more syllables.
    • It is Lord Tyler to you.
  • My third album will go platinum. 
    • It had Kelly Clarkson.
  • We will live underwater.
  • Your great great great granddaughter is doing fine.
  • Lord Tyler will fake his own death anywhere from 6 to 30 more times.
  • I will dye my hair red in a 3AM caffeine-induced panic attack and cover it up by claiming someone was murdered in my shower.
  • Flex at Pitt becomes the name of Pitt’s new Department of Yoga Studies.
  • Flex at Pitt will become rigid.
  • I will spend all of my money at Dunkin’ after promising not to. 
  • I will continue to lie, cheat, and steal my way through online classes. Sike haha don’t show the department boards this. 
  • The COVID vaccine will have the unexpected side effect of herpes. 
  • I will download Dark Zoom for my illegal, bad boy classes. 
  • President Biden will abdicate his throne to the My Pillow Guy.
  • Groundhog Day will be cancelled due to lack of people caring.
  • Groundhog Day (1993) (film) will be cancelled because of some super scandalous goings-on with Tom Hanks and Bill Murray.
  • I will have to take a tinkie winkie or a stinkie winkie and I will do it in my sinkie winkie.
  • Another COVID vaccine will come out and be like downloading knowledge from the Matrix.
  • I will send Ann E. Cudd’s emails to spam. Cutting out toxic people in 2021.
    • Preach Sister.
  • Same problem, different pandemic. Once the masks go by the wayside, condoms will follow suit. Patient zero? Roc the Panther.
  • Amazon will dominate.
  • The Perch employees will get mad at me and I will cry. 
  • I will cry more often, and my tears will be far more powerful.
  • I will find you.
  • The “es hora de comer” guy will admit to four counts of homicide and subsequent cannibalism.
  • Pitt will finally open up their definition of clubs to include cults and sketchy religious organizations.
  • The alt kids will start unironically wearing JoJo Siwa merch around campus.
  • Even in a global pandemic, the members of the Cathy Club will increase tenfold. Do not underestimate the power of horny freshmen. 
  • Dean Bonner will send out an email proclaiming that he is “very disappointed in us”.
    • The Pittiful News will parody said email.  
  • I will finally get the spoon I lent to a friend back.
  • This club’s name will change.  
  • I will finally get up the courage to come out as pro-beastiality so I can ask out my crush, Galligator. 
  • Miraculous LadyBug season 4 will come out.
  • People, places, and things will happen.
  • Roc will star in a porno for meth money. It will be his Roc bottom.
    • Aptly entitled “Roc’s Bottom”.
  • Maybe I’ll pay the dues (just maybe).
  • I will burn out halfway through and abandon all of my commitments and blame it on Zoom. Again. 
  • I will finally get the bagels on a stick that Tbo promised me back when iCarly was on the air.
  • Cottagecore Club.
  • Forty leprechaun-sized men will hijack the Cathedral of Learning and fly it to the moon.
  • I’ll spend a tuition’s worth of money at the Forbes Chipotle– if they can get orders ready fast enough.
  • I will hide away the spoon I “borrowed” from a friend so they never find out I used it to eat peanut butter from the jar.
  • The sixth Jonas Brother will be revealed. 
  • The Czechoslovak Nationality Room will be replaced by the E-Girl Room. 
  • The Pittiful News will change their name. (again)
  • A group of friends, in some Pitt dorm, somewhere will pledge to start a podcast that nobody will listen to.  
  • The fifth Jonas Brother will succumb to the same STD as Roc did. 
  • People will finally start listening to my podcast.

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