Podcasts We’re Considering Starting

By the writers of the Pittiful News (Sonya, Tyler, Abby, Eric, Savannah)


  1. Podcast – basically just whale sounds.
  2. podCast – a special about casts. Only for people with broken bones.
  3. PodCast – presenting a pod of whales with casts because they all have broken bones. Basically a cetological veterinary podcast (like Whale Bones)
  4. Codcast – a podcast about fish, specifically cod.
  5. The Oddcast – a podcast specifically not about whales.
  6. The Whale Zone – a whale-themed real-play D&D whale-venture.
  7. A podcast that is just 55 minutes of me trying to figure out whether the audio recording software is working. Script: “Is this thing on?”
  8. Wails – a sick guitar jam sesh, with lots of wailing
  9. Wales – a very serious socio-historical study of the country in the United Kingdom
  10. Walls – a series where we describe paint colors to the best of our abilities without actually showing them
  11. Wonderwalls, because maybe
  12. Wonderwhales (today’s gonna be the bay) 
  13. *Dory voice* MMOoooOOOOORRRWWWW
  14. Killer Whales – a true crime series on infamous whale serial killers.
  15. The Whale Orcaives – a horror podcast about whales.
  16. Can I Pet Your Whale? 
    1. He don’t bite
      1. Yes he do
  17. My Whale, my Whale, and me – advice from whales, about whales, for whales.
  18. Is He Whaley Sorry? – whale dating advice by Seventeen
  19. Whale, What Are You Waiting For? – a motivational podcast about finding your porpoise. 
  20. Pearl – a podcast about dental hygiene.
  21. Plankton – a fitness podcast about planking.
  22. Sperm Whale – a podcast about male sexual health and fertility
  23. I’m not sure, maybe something about dolphins?
  24. Free Willy – a podcast about whale streaking
  25. Podcast, but Outside the whale tank at SeaWorld. Special Guest: Shamu
  26. *happy whale noises*
  27. Welcome to Whale Vale – twice-monthly pod updates for the small oceanic town of Whale Vale where every whale swims free.
  28. Humpback Mountain – a story about confused whales, in a strict society of whales, where whale-whale love is FORBIDDEN
  29. Tiny Whale Gang – remember Sea Monkeys? It’s like that, but with whales. 
  30. Fin – a podcast made by artsy whales about French whale films 

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