Why Orange Man Leader?

By Hannah Lynn160422_pol_donald-trump-act-crop-promo-xlarge2

I caveman. Resurfaced from ice block in place named Alaska. Look at newspaper. Impressed by use of paper, not stone carving. But who orange man? So much power. Such orange man. Never seen man like he.

He want build wall. He not know much difficult to build wall. Must gather and stack stones. Much work. Hard. Orange man, small hands. How can lift stones? Who build wall.

Orange man look at pale child like me look at Ugga. Ugga me wife. Even caveman think gross and caveman eat live squirrel.

Orange man not respect men not orange or pale like him and daughterwife. Leader comrades bad like sabertooth. Want kill men women even child because not pale. Want kill men who lay with men, but this normal for cavemen. In winter, must always keep warm. Also, it feel good in butt.

Why man make orange man leader? Mean small hands face scary like rabid bear. Lacks political experience. Me want go back to ice block but leader make ice melt.

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