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    Listen up kid, ‘cause I’m only going to say this once: I’ve got several thousand turkeys stockpiled here and I want YOU to help me move them. I’m a businessman buddy, and that means you gotta look forward. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and that means in less than 11 months’ time you got people rushin’ around all kinds of places lookin’ for fresh poultry and WE’RE gonna be the ones to supply it, friend. Right now the turkey supply is high and the demand is low and that means just one thing: buy, buy, buy. I purchased a cheap farm on the outskirts of town and several start-up turkeys and now all we do is bide our time. In a few months everybody will be scrambling around trying to get a turkey and then BAM, we flood the market with our turkeys, at an inflated rate, of course. That’s basic economics, son, clean and simple. We’re going to be rich pal, it’s a fact. My girlfriend didn’t leave me over an idea that would give us chump change, did she? Fuck you, Erica. Get in on this shindig quick and contact F. OWLMAN at GRAVYTRAIN1@GMAIL.COM

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