Famous Musician Takes High Road, Doesn’t Urinate On Local Minor

By Cassandra DellaCorte

Hip-hop hit-maker T-Klot, of “Takin’ Em Out” fame, passed on an opportunity to urinate on a mostly nude 14 year-old Saturday evening. During a post-concert party at a local residence, Kim Williams, a freshman at Penn Hills High School, allegedly offered sexual favors to T-Klot. Travis “T-Klot” Kane, 28, remarked, “I’ve kind of got it all right now. “Taking ‘Em Out” was just number one for 3 weeks, I just played a sold-out show, and I’ve got drugs and women thrown at me left and right.”

When asked if he considered Williams’ proposal, T-Klot was candid. “Yeah,” he replied, “I mean, the chick was hot, definitely looked at least 15. And everyone’s doing it. I seriously almost did, but like, then I remembered it’s kind of illegal.” Following T-Klot’s rejection, Williams called her mother for a ride home. Later that evening, T-Klot micturated on the naked breasts of an unknown 19 year-old woman on the back porch of the residence. “Oh, I definitely did that,” T-Klot admits, “you gotta piss somewhere, you know?”

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