The Pornstar Nickname Generator:

By: Cat Goddess69

First Name
Birthday Month:
January Turgid
February Carnivorous
March Uncircumcised
April Monsieur
May Drippy
June Shameful
July Juicy
August Hairy
September Yeasty
October Gargling
November Cock-Juggling
December Skanky

Last Name
1st        Booty Wizard   
2nd        Mammoth Cock   
3rd     Mummified Egyptian
4th     Citrus Tits
5th     Kumquat Squeezer
6th     Horse Fucker
7th     Cockadile Cunter
8th     Professor Clitwick
9th     Face toilet
10th     Milk Sprayer
11th     Leather Dick
12th     Steve Jobs
13th     Pussy Pounder
14th     Gender-ambiguous seawhores
15th     Meredith
16th    Nipples
17th    Cheese Slurper
18th    Bitch-ass Aunt Joyce
19th    Michael Cera
20th    Semen Whale
21st    Dildo Hoarder
22nd    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
23rd    Bun Stopper
24th    Krabby Patty Secret Recipe
25th    Clit Wrangler
26th    Barack Hussein Obama
27th    Ghost of Christmas ASS
28th    Tip
29th    Cum Dumpster
30th     Crochpot Dinner
31st         Hurricane Irene

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