Med School Impressed By Applicant’s Ability To Jump Through Hoops

By Phil Forrence

Medical schools across the country have competitive admissions processes. Many otherwise-qualified students are turned away for reasons like low community involvement, not enough time spent working in a health-care environment, or low GPA. However, one local student has impressed Pittsburgh University’s Medical School (PUMS) with her ability to jump through hoops.

“I would eat a bug,” said Julia Driver. She has top notch grades, excellent references, and to top it all off, will do literally anything to go to medical school. “I might even eat two bugs,” Julia conjectures about her med school drive. This star performer has dazzled the PUMS with her excellence. “She has a commitment to us liking her that is tough to come by these days,” Explains Dr. Jim Ratts, Head of Admissions. “In her cover letter, she states that she might eat two bugs to gain admittance to our institution, but I’m willing to bet under the correct conditions she would eat three bugs to sate our thirst for groveling.”

Julia’s parents are vocal supporters of their daughter. “We always knew she had what it took. Even by the third grade she would come home knowing exactly what bone was connected to the knee bone, and which extracurriculars Harvard medical school preferred for its applicants,” said Mrs. Driver. “She just had a spirit of going to med school that I’ve never seen in a child.” Mr. Driver echoes these sentiments, “When Julia’s first grade teacher asked what the class members wanted to be when they grew up, most students said they wanted to be police chiefs, firemen, or presidents. Julia, on the other hand said she wanted to attend medical school.”

“We really want her to eat a bug,” Says Dr. Ratts. “We think that if we bring her in for an interview and say, ‘Hey, if you eat this bug we’ll accept you,’ that she’ll eat a bug. We really think she’ll do it.”

Medical school is a dream for many students across the country. Many won’t make it, but these students don’t have what it takes to go to med school. “Julia is an inspiration to all,” Says her mom. “She would do anything to go to medical school.”

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