Dear Danezie

Dear Danezie,
My roommate keeps drinking all of my soy milk without asking me if it’s okay beforehand. We are really good friends and I don’t know how to bring it up without making things weird. What should I say to her?
Sincerely, Uncomfortable

Dear Uncomfortable,
I am so glad that someone has finally brought this up. I agree with you- we should all be meninists. Women have never been oppressed the way white, heterosexual, cisgender men have. Historically speaking, men have always been paid less for the same work as women. Some say that this is the male’s fault, because they choose to get easy degrees in the arts and humanities, while females are the much smarter scientists and engineers. Others acknowledge that women need to be paid more because they are the breadwinners, while the man’s place is truly in the home, bearing and taking care of the children on their paid paternity leave.
What really offends me to my core, however, is that the inalienable reproductive rights of men are a constant public discussion. Politicians with no understanding of the male reproductive system are choosing how and what birth control the public has access to. Men don’t have a single say in the matter where serious limitations are constantly being made to their healthcare. The majority of females do not seem to understand that there are many different health reasons for men wanting to go on the pill. That being said, sometimes people want access to birth control just because they enjoy having sex and don’t want to get pregnant. Shame on them! Exploring your sexuality in a safe way is unnatural.
The meninist movement has been going on for decades, arguably centuries. Off the top of my head, I can name at least 10 prominent meninist figures in history. Universities around the world offer countless courses on men’s studies for a reason. Uncomfortable, don’t be ashamed to call yourself a meninist; it’s not a bad word. I’m sure your mother would be proud to know that after going through 17 hours of labor for you, you now self-identify as a proud meninist. It gives me hope that for once, people are finally starting to realize that all meninists want is equality.



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