Review: B.D Wahlberg’s Review of Roger Ebert’s Review of “Spice World”

By Cassandra DellaCorte

Last month, some movie review reviewer 
named B.D Wahlberg gave Roger Ebert’s review of the Spice Girls movie, Spice World, one half of a star. Guess what else deserves a low rating? Wahlberg’s review. They obviously think they’re being clever by name-dropping another epic band feature, but the true irony comes from Wahlberg’s critique of Ebert’s critique. While Wahlberg is entirely correct that Spice Girls music is “…absolutely necessary,” they use 263 words to nitpick Ebert’s review, when they could have accomplished this in seven: Ebert missed the point of Spice World.

But this review isn’t about how ridiculously wonderful Spice World is, it’s about how Wahlberg’s review of Roger Ebert’s review doesn’t deserve even two out of four stars. They are a person who just pulls out a template for reviews of movies they don’t want to like and plugs in key words from the review. All we can do is be as petulant as Wahlberg is and quote their quote in their cop-out of a conclusion: “Words fail me as I try to describe my thoughts…” 

See B.D. Wahlberg’s Review: Roger Ebert’s Review of “Spice World”:

See Roger Ebert’s Review of “Spice World”:

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