Fun Halloween Costumes on a Budget

By John Garry

1. King Kong- climb to the top of the Cathedral of Learning.  You’ll be so far up it doesn’t even matter what you wear.  Just start yelling and swinging around and shit.  Be sure to throw some R/C planes off the top for good measure, so people know you’re not just a crazy person.
2. The Raccoon – Wear nothing except a black bandana around your head with eye holes cut it.  Then, being true to your raccoon nature, steal all the alcohol at the party and scamper away into the night.
3. Baseball Player – Steal a Frat Boy’s backwards hat and your little brother’s T-ball bat and go around hitting everyone’s drinks out of their hands.  Make sure you yell “And the crowd goes WILD” every time you do it, for the effect.
4. Policeman – This one costs a little up front, but it is important to go all out and get the look just right.  You will more than make up the difference in the amount of confiscated alcohol you collect throughout the night.

5. Chancellor Gallagher – For this costume you just need to have extremely dry skin.  A simple can of green lead-based paint finishes this look off perfectly.  *Guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

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