Rapper Hospitalized after "Keepin’ it @ a hunnit all day, erry day"

By Tom Harnett


On Oct. 27, Local Rapper, Lil Creamsicle, was hospitalized.  The media has been kept in the dark for the most part, but inside sources have leaked some information on the up and coming rapper.

Apparently, Creamsicle has been working on a song and, as is his process, has been, “Keepin’ it @ a hunnit all day, erry day.”  This is common practice for rappers now-a-days. They want to produce the best quality music and what better way is there to do that than to constantly stay @ a hunnit?  The problem is that it may not be a sustainable lifestyle.

Dr. Combs, who has been working around the clock on Creamsicle since his arrival, says, “Listen, we would all keep it @ a hunnit all day, erry day if we could.  The problem is it just isn’t healthy.  We recommend you dial it back about thirty or forty in the evenings and overnight.” He goes on, “Especially at this time of year, the leaves are changing, it’s getting dark around 7, remaining @ a hunnit just isn’t feasible.”
Lil Creamsicle’s single “Cream on the inside, Orange Flavor-ice on the outside” will drop in a fortnight.

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