Pitt Student Rides Tuition’s Worth of Port Authority

By Phil Forrence

College isn’t cheap. You’ve got to make every cent count. Most students budget their money by renting used textbooks, hoarding Ramen noodles, and binge drinking free rubbing alcohol from the University Health Center. Daniel Simmons chose a different route.

Simmons chose to ride an out-of-state tuition’s worth of Port authority buses during the fall 2015 semester. “I did the math.” He explains, “Pitt tuition for an out-of-stater like me is  $14,479 per semester. One Port Authority bus ride costs $2.50. That means it’s going to take a lot of rides to cover the tuition cost.” After ignoring our question about if he knew what math was, Daniel then discussed his progress. “So far I have taken 1,340 cold, lonely bus trips. I spent nights, weekends, and the funeral for my nephew on these buses. I’ve seen fellow students start relationships, end relationships, and binge drink free rubbing alcohol from the University Health Center.”

Simmons says that he is not doing this for any organization. He doesn’t oppose high tuition rates. He doesn’t yearn for the spotlight. He frankly enjoys all the perks of Pitt as a University. “Even though Pitt has a high tuition. I love a lot of things about it,” he raves. “I like to think that riding the bus as much as I do shows that.” As he voraciously downs a bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol available free from the University Health Center.

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