Top 5 Greatest Halloween Movies

It’s that time of year folks! Yes, that time when you curl up with steaming cup of pumpkin-spiced absinthe and watch your favorite hair-raising flicks! Here are five favorite Halloween classics hand-picked by exorcists. I mean experts.
  1. The Pumpkin’s Revenge – Everyone loves this classic tale of rotting ghost pumpkins from years past that come back to haunt their owners for carving into their face with a knife and then leaving them on the porch for the raccoons to feast on.
  2. I Know What You Did To Marc Summers – When four high schoolers accidentally kill Marc Summers, host of Food Network’s “Unwrapped” he comes back to torment them and also forces them to learn how twinkies are made. (Food Network puppet, host of “Unwrapped)
  3. The Sting – What’s that noise? It’s a song. It’s been following you around for days. It’s sending an SOS? You’re sending out an SOS! It’s THE STING.
  4. Nutmeg’s Child – A sprite young gal named believes that her unborn child might be of a different…variety. The truth is only revealed when she gives birth to Oregano!
  5. Elf – An adult man thinks he’s actually an Elf and it’s really weird.

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