Scientists Discover Statue of Huge Middle Finger on Mars

By Claudia Glogowska

The discovery of liquid water on the surface of Mars has caused quite a stir among the scientific community as there is now more evidence than ever that humans may not be the only speck of life in the universe. On top of this, the Curiosity Rover recently sent back perplexing photos from the red planet that very well may present the biggest breakthrough for NASA to date.
The images, which depict what appears to be a gigantic and suspiciously detailed statue of a middle finger, arrived in the station at 6:37 pm on October 22. The group of scientists focusing on the Mars project are currently still attempting to solve the mystery of its origin and meaning. 
“It’s still too early to tell, but we have strong reason to believe that this was set up by some sort of advanced alien civilization that is perhaps still angry about E.T,” says John Grunsfeld, astronaut and associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “If you look at the careful way in which the surface of the hand and finger were crafted, there is absolutely no way this statue could have just appeared out of nowhere. And it sure isn’t just a play on our perspective as our cameras and equipment are the most advanced they’ve ever been. Just examine the photo.” 
Although the message seems to be clear, NASA refuses to make a concrete statement as to what this discovery entails. In fact, NASA plans on sending additional and more advanced drones to Mars within the next couple of months. “We just can’t be sure. We better really get in there and start digging around for more data,” commented one of the members of the team. 

Despite the excitement of the discovery, there is no doubt that the aura of mystery around the seemingly familiar planet keeps on growing along with the paranormal discoveries which continue to be made there.

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