7 Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life this Halloween

By I.S. Chillshttps://i0.wp.com/media.salon.com/2010/05/battle_of_the_lingerie_brands.jpg
Is your bedroom lacking a little oomph? These seasonal ideas will be sure to make things a little more exciting for you and your man.

1) Fake Blood
Sure, you’ve heard of chocolate sauce, but blood? Trust us, whip out some fake blood and your man may just go full-out vampire!
2) Fog Machine
Forget candles! Rent out one of these bad boys for a sensual night of spooky ambience.
3) Seasonal Beverage
Tired of Astroglide? We found Starbucks’ infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte to double as a delicious and effective personal lubricant.
4) Convincing Mask
Have a thing for Ronald Reagan? So do we, after we tried out some of our local Halloween stores’ masks in the bedroom. Our favorites were the Gov. Chris Christie Deluxe Mask ($19.99) and the Leatherface Deluxe Mask ($54.99).
5) Cornucopia
Okay, this one is technically a Thanksgiving item, but who cares? Use one as a hat, codpiece, or ear trumpet, pair with spooky lingerie, and, voila! Date night is exciting again.
6) Animatronics
If you have a larger budget, and a hunger for voyeurism, an animatronic decoration is perfect to give you and your partner that spine-tingling “we’re being watched” feeling. Try Spirit Halloween’s 6’ Twitching Banshee ($199.99) or the classic 6.5’ Animated Bog Reaper ($269.99).
7) Gourds

You know exactly what to do with these.

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