Science Fair Terrorized by Islamic State

By Grant Wicklem
BOWMAN, SC – A rural South Carolina town has reportedly arrested twelve-year-old Abdul-Kareem Mohammad after a disastrous science fair outing.

Mohammad was detained after school authorities deemed his model volcano to be suspicious.

Upon inspection, a white, powder-like substance was discovered, initially thought to be some sort of explosive or crack-cocaine. It was later determined to be baking soda, one of the reactants, along with vinegar, in a typical model volcano.

“It appeared to be a sort of terroristic device, possibly used to melt the school,” said one unnamed school official. “In the moment, we had to act and we had to act quickly.”

And that they did. In mere minutes, the school was surrounded by the local police department, Bomb Squad, and National Guard. Mohammad was promptly handcuffed and whisked away from a crowd of shocked parents and students.

“It’s sickening to think we were that close to an attempted act of terror,” said one concerned mother. “When will we stop having to live in constant fear of Islamic terror?”

But the minor disruption did not spoil the rest of the evening. The science fair continued and a winner was eventually declared. Sixth grader Chad Smith took home the blue ribbon for his resourceful enhancements upon the classic Red Ryder BB Gun, allowing for better accuracy and increased firepower.

Mohammad was unavailable for comment.

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