Man Bite Dog Hard, Not Dead

By Ilya Yashin

Cops: “Man bit dog hard, fast, last night at 10.” Blood, yowl, seen, heard ‘round town. Man, dog not dead, much pain in skin, flesh, bone. That night: first since day.

“That dog, mad dog got bit by man, hard, fast, sharp teeth” said court man, law man, white man, black man, red man, straight man, gay man, right man, wrong man. “Law says bad dog, wrong dog to get so bit by man hard, fast, not dead but so much pain.”

Judge to think hard next week how to set man free, blame dog, said judge, cop, man, his mom, his dad, his son, his dog, his wife, her mom, her dad, her son, her cat, said town, said bridge, said street, said bench.

Dog barks no words, dog said, cried. Dog not heard by man, girl, boy, judge, priest, nurse, two men, five men, ten men.  

Man to write words, book, go on screen. Man: “It’s bunk. Dog bit dog. I will write words, book, go on screen.” Wild cat, fat cat, mad bird, sane snake, one hut, two farms, small town, huge town: “Man, I will read your words, book, watch you on screen—how you bite dog hard, fast, white teeth, not dead!”

Next week court to bite dog dead.

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