Local Student Wins Writing Award with Erotic Fan Fiction

By Holly Stavarski

CHAMPAIGN, IL – Every year students submit pieces of written word and art to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in hopes of winning the coveted Gold Key. This year, Champaign School Districts’ own Riley Tennanbaum did the same, but unlike many others, the 12-year-old student won.

Cara Holsvick, Riley’s English Teacher, was shocked at the outcome.

“Riley is a brilliant writer with a lot of potential, but usually the subject matter of the writing is a little… advanced for a middle schooler. When I say advanced, I mean sexual.”

Riley’s submitted piece of writing, “MindFreaked: A Criss Angel Erotic Fiction” is a 30-page-long excursion into the deeply warped and developing mind of a young child who had their sexual awakening while watching famed magician Criss Angel. Riddled with lustful descriptions of sex acts that put those on Urban Dictionary to shame, the tale of “MindFreaked: A Criss Angel Erotic Fiction” is the story of Tiley Rennanbaum, a local personal trainer and her sweaty encounter with Criss Angel at the gym.

Though he found it a bit disturbing reading the sexual fantasies of a minor, Chairman of the Scholastic Writing Awards, Harper Quinn, told us that he still believes that Riley still deserves some credit.

“Yes, it may be highly inappropriate to consider this piece, as I myself felt violated while reading it, but the creativity that this young student possesses it nothing short of extraordinary.”

Instead of agreeing to an interview, Riley asked The Pittiful News to publish and excerpt from their piece to “better understand why they would write a piece on Criss Angel.”

MINDFREAKED: A Criss Angel Erotic Fiction

It was 5 o’clock in the morning when I got to the gym to open it up for the day. Working the opening shift wasn’t my favorite because it was too early and too dark outside to be awake. I unlocked the door and took two steps inside when I heard a metallic ‘CLANK’. I walked slowly to the weight room. The lights were still dim as I looked into the room and meekly called out.

“Hello? Is anyone in here?”

There was another metal clank and I turned my head to face the bench press machine. That’s when I saw him. Wearing only a black vest and short black booty shorts along with his various silver chains, it was the one and only Criss Angel.

“Hello,” he said, sitting up, while his well oiled pecks dripped with sweat and desire, ”I’m Crissssss Angel,” he hissed.

I looked away sheepishly.

“Oh, I already knew that,” I whispered.

He looked back at me, his side bangs covering his one eye. He slowly rose from the bench, touching his glistening abs.

“Are you a fan of magic?” He asked, moving closer to me, pulling out a deck of cards and handing them to me. I chose one, remembered the card, and slid it back inside. He took the deck of cards and threw it in the air. He was close to me now. I could smell his sweat and Ed Hardy cologne. I watched him in the mirror as he slid his hands down the back of his pants and removed a card. MY card.

“That’s my card,” I exclaimed, “How did you do that?”

Criss was touching me now. My shirt was wet with his oil. He removed his erect penis from his pants and started swinging it like a helicopter.

“A good magician never revealssss hisss secretssss, Riley.”

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