Frida Kahlo Tragically Dies

By Danial Smith

Thousands gathered Monday to mourn the recent death of the iconic Frida Kahlo, who passed away Monday morning in her home in Holland Hall, Oakland. She was known for her radiant colors, charming personality, and adorable fins. She is survived only by her owner, Sarah Sokolowski.

“It’s ok. I’m sad but at least I gave her a longer& more loved life than if had been used as food,” Sarah said. “Becase she was a feeder fish.” Ms. Sokolowski, a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, adopted Frida from a local Petco on Friday, September 18, 2015. Despite the abrupt end to their relationship, Sarah and Frida developed an unparalleled bond in those short 3 days. Much of their time together was spent with Frida swimming in circles, and Sarah watching.

Sarah was too overcome with emotion for further comment. Memorial services were held Monday evening at Holland Hall.

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