I Was Born in the Wrong Generation

By Tom Harnett

When I look at on my peer group I see nothing but people who don’t understand me.  I mean, what are we even doing in our generation?  We think everything we make is great but don’t realize they actually aren’t.  How great do you think your iPod is? Because I have a collection of over 47 vinyl’s that I bet your iPod couldn’t even play.  Think the new Taylor Swift album is good?  Well it doesn’t matter, because your opinion is irrelevant unless you’ve listened to Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel at least 10 times on LSD.  What I’m trying to say is I don’t belong in this generation.
I should have been born in the 60’s.  That was the point in time where I would actually fit in.  The evidence is pretty much overwhelming:

I wear bandannas at music festivals, I have two tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirts, I watch movies on my 8 mm slide projector, I’ve been to a different thrift store each of the last four days, I’m going to ask my dad to buy me a Volkswagen Bus, I refer to The Beatles by first name… I could go on for days.     

When I tweet about this stuff, every day or so, nobody even cares.  Guys, these aren’t just choices I’m making, these are things that I have to do because I am fucking unique.  The connection I have with the 60’s is something I need to express, usually through Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.  No one in my generation understands me!  There are so many problems in our generation what with the media and everything.  I just wish I could be born in a time where everything was perfect.  I mean, I literally can’t think of one bad thing about the 60’s.

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