Police Brutality and Systemic Racism Renders KKK Obsolete

By Mia Feldman

Once a terrifying force of racism and violence, the KKK has been less conspicuous in recent years. Many would like to think the group’s decline has been the result of tolerance and education in an increasingly diverse America. Instead, the police force has gradually usurped the role of America’s once feared clansmen.

“I wish we could at least say we infiltrated the police force,” said Adam White, senior clansman. “But that just wouldn’t be true. We clansmen have to face the facts that if America’s police force is going to systematically oppress people of color, like they did in Ferguson, then it’s sill silly of us to be riding around wearing sheets on our heads trying to scare people?”

Klansman, Richard Hamilton, agreed with White. “When the justice system sentences young black men to serious time behind bars over minor offenses, there’s no way a burning cross is going to do anything to scare them.”

But White doesn’t regret the hate group’s decline. “When we started out there was the Klan and a well regulated militia. But why bother with two when just one gets the job done?” he said. “Come to think of it, it’s not really a decline. It’s more of a merger between two forces who both want what’s worst for Americans of color.”

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