Neuroscientists Prove Brain Wired to Make Colors Appear on Computer Screen

Aw come on, don’t these look awesome?!

In a series of groundbreaking brain-imaging studies, a team of neuroscientists from Tufts University proved that the human brain is hardwired to make juicy blobs of color appear on the screen of a computer connected to an fMRI machine, which measures brain activity.

“No matter what task we had the participants carry out while in the machine, colors appeared on our computer screens on top of an image of their brain,” said researcher Sara Metphie. The team also found that the neural network responsible for the color disco consists of every single cell in the brain. “Millions of years of evolution have hardwired our brains to make colorful pictures on computer screens. Try as we might, turns out we have no control over it,” she said.

Neuropsychologists believe that the colorful pictures help explain a wide range of human behavior, from believing in God to gambling to twerking on camera.

“Now that we know that we’re wired to make colors splash across computer screens, it no longer makes sense to blame children for acting out or call someone who acts like an idiot an idiot,” said Pitt neuropsychologist Samuel Bzoltik, adding that the production of blobs of color may even be the sole purpose of human existence and the answer to age-old philosophical questions. “Just look at how cool and scientific those pictures look!”

The researchers said that in the foreseeable future they will keep examining colorful brain scans to try to figure out whether people use their brains to think.

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