Headline Grabbed Reader’s Attention! With Teasing Bit of News!!

The first sentence succinctly told the reader what happened when and where or who did what, and why! The first paragraph contained the most essential information about the news so that even if the reader stopped reading halfway through the article he or she would know the gist of what had happened.

But simply telling what happened didn’t satisfy the ambitious article! And so in the second paragraph it explained the significance of this news and put it in context. The naughty paragraph reportedly even flashed some statistics, being like, I’m smart as shit and Imma dazzle you with numbers.

“Here’s more on what happened and why it matters,” said a person whose credentials the attribution gave to earn the reader’s trust, noting whatever else the source had said in paraphrase so as to keep direct quotations relatively short. “Here’s another juicy quote.”

One-line paragraphs were like, boom!! I’m snappy!!

“Bet you didn’t see this one coming,” said another source of an unexpected angle on the story or bit of background information. The rest of the article’s body gave background on the main news to the persistent few still reading it. It desperately hoped to tide the reader over until the punchy treat of an ending.

“This part of a quote blew the reader’s mind about one quarter of the way,” said a source. The article made the last-ditch effort to tell the latest developments in such a way that the reader’s time wasn’t wasted on boring blather. “This one blew it the rest of the way.”

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