Women of Color Fight to Gain Equal Representation on BuzzFeed Lists

BuzzFeed’s 25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall list has sparked controversy from many civil rights activists who believe that all people should be able to enjoy scented candles, Ugg boots and instagram filters regardless of race, creed or color. “These lists are yet another reminder that even in 2014 race in America is still an issue,” says Natasha Jeffers, who holds a PhD in sociology. Jeffers also noted that she is perfectly capable of understanding items 1-28 on BuzzFeed’s 28 Things Only Teenage White Girls Will Understand, despite her ethnic background.
“The whites took every thing from our people. Now they want to claim the pumpkin spice latte too,” says Sarah Sitting-Bull of the Lakota tribe.

Local white guy, Tucker McMillan, had a different take on the matter: “Now that demographics are shifting and white people are set to become a minority in the coming decades we’ve got to start thinking about the kind of image we want to have. Do we want to be seen as math geniuses, terrorists, or people who are loud in movie theaters? This is a PR issue that we, as a race, have to consider.”

But Jeffers believes these BuzzFeed lists are yet another example of white privilege. “White people can’t just stereotype themselves as Starbucks-loving, mall-dwelling, autumn enthusiasts. They don’t understand that stereotypes have to come from decades of ignorance and persecution.”

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