Conflict Kitchen Owner Hopes the Next Country We Invade Has Some Decent Food

“I mean Venezuelan food is okay. But we already did that one once,” says Cindy Greenspan, owner and head chef of the Conflict Kitchen, a local restaurant serving cuisine from various countries in conflict with the United States. Conflict kitchen has featured dishes from Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and now Venezuela for a second time. But now Greenspan is running out of ideas for 
the next country.
“The obvious choice is somewhere in the greater Middle Eastern area, the conflict capital of the world,” says Greenspan. “But there’s only so much you can do with chick peas and lamb.”

Everyday Greenspan opens her newspaper hoping for a war with Belgium, Italy or maybe even India. “Come on Obama, give me something to work with here!” says the culinary war hawk.

Greenspan added that a French-Vietnamese Fusion war would be ideal, but that she’d also like to see us bomb Japan a third time, since tempura is so scrumptious.

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