Top 5 fashion tips for fall!

By Hannah Lynn

There’s a brisk wind in the air that indicates fall is right at our doorstep, and that means a whole new season of fashion! Check out this cool and fun style guide to jazz up your boring wardrobe.
1. Flannel! These shirts are warm, versatile, and most of all, super cute! Just remember, the sturdier the better.
2. Rainboots! These are super functional for those rainy fall days, especially when you have a lot of walking to do. Plus, they’re super cute! And remember, the taller the better!

3. Baseball hats! These can add a casual and laid back vibe to any outfit. Plus, they’re a super cute way to keep that harsh sun out of eyes.
4. High-waisted pants! How about trying a new twist on a classic pair of pants? It’s probably best if they’re extra high and extra waterproof. You know, just in case.
5. Sunblock! For your leathery skin. Because you work in a cranberry bog.
Remember, you can always add your own little twists to each outfit. That’s half the fun of fashion! These are just some required tips, but remember, it’s all about being you! Now go wade in a pond full of floating berries like it’s your job. Because it is.

This article has been sponsored by Ocean Spray™. This wardrobe is mandatory for all Ocean Spray™ cranberry bog people.

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