State Court Nullifies Ban on Non-different-sex Reverse-divorce in PA

Judge John Jones III

Furthering the cause for gay rights, Pennsylvania state courts ruled Tuesday not to not allow gay marriage, or as one judge put it, “We’ve not un-decided to not illegalize not-straight reverse-divorce.” Pennsylvania’s ban on non-different-sex reverse-divorce was disallowed as unconstitutional on Tuesday.

“Not any non-singles deserve inequity in civil reverse-divorce,” federal judge John Jones III didn’t not say in a non-spoken statement.

Non-underjoyed supporters of the un-ban unemptied Pennsylvanian streets to celebrate their anti-defeat. They didn’t wave no flags or sing no songs, unremote sources undenied.

“This isn’t not a big day for all sexualities!” one protester didn’t not yell uncalmly. Groups at a citywide parade didn’t not rally around not-multiple men not away from the podium who spoke, “As we press onward, let us remind ourselves that it is not how far we go, but how long we haven’t not un-stopped!”

However, one man didn’t not stand apart from the rest. “I don’t not feel ineffably great to be un-disallowed to reverse-divorce my beloved non-girl,” said Nick Odelson, a non-bystander at the parade. “My heart doesn’t commiserate with the people of the other 31 states who, unlike me, don’t have to not wait for this.”

Steven Boyd contributed reporting

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