“It’s a Small World” Celebrates 50 Years: A Look Back at Other Classic Disney Rides

“The Wonderful World of Westerville, Ohio” Epcot

“Hi, I’m Walt Disney. Did you know that Westerville is a suburb outside of Columbus, which is a town in Ohio?” These magical words have inspired so much whimsy and awe in our little ones that it would be a crime not to include The Wonderful World of Westerville, Ohio in our must-ride list. The Wonderful World of Westerville, Ohio gave guests the unique opportunity to see what it’s like to walk on a sidewalk, look at a post office, and see a fire hydrant!

“Aladdin’s Half-Brother Alan’s Cave of Magic Carpet Samples” Magic Kingdom

Sure, we all know and love the story of Aladdin, but few of us can forget the classic Disney tale of Alan, Aladdin’s brother by marriage, and his incredible cove of Berber rug samples! Take a trip into this carefully-designed mega fortress of fantastic fabric. Some of the rugs have stains, but Alan will try his best to claim that none of the stains are blood. Don’t believe Alan. Alan is a liar. Fun for the whole family!

“Journey through the Laminator!” Epcot

Not only has this ride received five-star ratings from the Xerox corporation for its incredible accuracy, but Journey through the Laminator has provided curious Epcot attendees an immersive experience in what it is like to be covered in molten plastic and have a glittery polymer sheen. Here’s an exclusive Disney secret tip: for extra fun, ask the ride operators to put in breathing holes.

“Nyquil Mountain” Magic Kingdom

Well-received from its inception in 1981, this Disney ride staple requires each patron drink an entire bottle of Nyquil and just sit in a dark room until things start getting weird.

“The Mystical Money Machine” Magic Kingdom

Always a Disney favorite, The Mystical Money Machine allowed Disney visitors to take out their wallets and throw them into a large gorge in the center of the Magic Kingdom. Here’s a fun fact: it is reported that The Mystical Money Machine has earned Disney parks over $2.2 billion over the last sixteen years!

“One Million Monkeys” Animal Kingdom

Closed after a landmark twenty-five years, “One Million Monkeys” gave riders the enlightening experience of entering a room filled with one million monkeys. Though oftentimes, guests reported feeling anxious entering a small room swarming with hundreds of thousands of angry simians, many enjoyed the attraction and did not mind so much that they lost their children inside the ride permanently.

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