CBS Launches ‘Relatable’ New Sitcom

By Hannah Lynn

At a brainstorming meeting last week, CBS executive John Whiteface pitched an idea for a new television show, which he described as “full of potential.” The show, which Whiteface pitched with the working title “The Sitcom,” revolves around four twenty-something men, who are all roommates.

“It’s got some really great characters. You know, there’s the neurotic guy looking for love, the one with the big ego, the nerd, and the smooth guy who’s always coaching the others,” he explained

When asked what made this sitcom stand out, Whiteface cited its relatability. “They’re just four guys living their lives in the city. Everyone can get that,” he said. Dave Johnson, another executive at the meeting, asked Whiteface about what role diversity played in the show. “I just want to make sure we fill our quota,” he said. “Oh and being inclusive whatnot,” he quickly added. Whiteface assured him that one of the guys could definitely be black.

Linda Stevens, a woman in the room, asked Whiteface whether there would be any women in the show. He assured her that there would be, as the guys would frequently be in bars trying to pick up girls and there might even be an occasional girlfriend. “Not every show has to be about women, you know. I mean you guys have that new ‘Sex and the City’ thing plus that one about cougars,” he said. “Men still need their TV too.”

The meeting proved a success as CBS decided to pick the show up and start casting immediately. The network decided to keep the name “The Sitcom” because it’s “straightforward and you know what you’re getting.”

“The Sitcom” will air starting next week on Tuesdays at 8. Reruns will play all other days of the week.

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