A Day in the Life of Mica the Cat

The Pittiful News sat down with local pet, Mica the cat, to learn more about the daily life of Oakland pets. Unfortunately we were not able to understand Mica,we only heard, “Mrow! Mew mew mew. Meow. Mew. Mew. Mrow. Mew,” so we worked with Betsy Colton, cat translator.

Mica started with a jump off the couch, a tumble over a toy, and dash into the living room. Betsy noted this as a positive reaction translating to, “Human and I are great friends. We play together and she is a warm surface to lay on.” Human nodded in approval, surprised at Mica’s kind way of words, but nervous to see what her cat really has to say about her.

In a flash, Mica ran back into the kitchen, climbed on the counter and made some friendly growling noises. Human was about to get up and spray her with water, but Betsy held her back so we could listen to what Mica had to say. “Human always sprays me when I get on the counter. It scares me. I don’t know why she does it, I am trying to help her clean up. I don’t like clutter so I knock the things off thecounter to open up space.”

The rest of the evening consisted of many “MEWS!” At one point, Mica climbed into an empty case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and said, “I like when other humans come over. This past Thursday, they took all the circle things out of this box so I could sleep in it. This is my new home, inside Human’s big home.” Human confirmed with us, Mica loves that stinkin’ box.

It seems as though Mica has been misunderstood since her time here at Human’s house. Human complained about Mica tipping her water bowl over but Mica replied, “I am doing it to try to clean the floor. It’s hard to mop up with just my paws, though.” Regardless, Human has changed bowls so this incident can no longer occur.

While sitting and chatting after a great conversation, Human noticed a terrible smell coming from the door. “Dammit, she pooped outside the litter box Mica immediately did a backflip off the couch in what seemed like an outrage, and said, “Stop messing up my compost pile! How else are we going to plant our garden this spring?!”

Household cats have constantly been assumed as “evil” and “adorable furry demons of hell,” but our conversation with Mica has dismissed these assumptions. She has been actively attempting to help her human in menial daily tasks. Betsy picked Mica up before she left to give her a sweet little hug. Mica reacted by touching her little nose to Betsy’s then scratching her face warning her to “never let her guard down.”

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