President Obama Forced to Explain the Debt Ceiling to Vice President Biden with Sock Puppets

In a last-ditch maneuver to help Vice President Biden understand the causes and implications of the national debt, President Obama resorted to putting on a one act sock puppet play entitled “Mr. Fuzzy Owes Fed. Chairman McDoodly” so that that the VP may finally understand the nation’s dire financial situation.

Biden’s reaction to the play was quite positive. “I really liked the socks,” reviewed Biden, “Some of them were red and then some of them were blue.” “The Pittiful News” wanted to make sure that the Vice President had indeed gained some valuable knowledge from the performance. We pressed the Vice President further to elaborate on his reaction. Biden responded, “Well, a long while back, Barack made me sit through a flip-book series he made about military spending called ‘Thomas the Anti-Tank Missile’, but I though the sock play was way, way better. I wasn’t even afraid of that mean old brown sock, Private Interest CEO Snuggly-Poo. Okay, I was kind of scared but then Barack poked his head from behind the stage and I figured out HE WAS CONTROLLING THE PUPPETS THE WHOLE TIME. Oh, sheesh. You better believe I was relieved.”

Vice President Biden told reporters that thanks to Obama’s play, he now has full confidence that he and his staff can protect the “econo-fluffies” from “Stripey, the Big Bad Deficit Stocking”.

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