Google Translate Special Report: Federal Government Ropening

Pressed by deadlines, The Pittiful News hired Google Translate to write some of our more time-sensitive articles about the reopening of the federal government. Please, be patient with Google Translate. This is the best it could do.
            Good Sabbath, the Congresses have settled. Between Obama’s President and Paul’s Ryan both decide is not a-go the government. More news to say from the Parliamentary man, “It’s much of a problem but the a answer did appear.”

            It’s bad news! Who did a thought the United Taste government couldn’t implant such memory problem solution in just the Nicholas of time. At the eleven hour, the members cancelled a empowered Obamacare and decided the good of health is but for passing concern. Must we fight! Cries from mountain top as Congressmen Juan McCain and Speaking Boehner paint the new budget bill. They want taxes less but want to money more. “It’s the crazy”, replied Obama.

            No good, no well, no hope for the federal oven mitt. “Congress must perform because many jobs make occupations Americans desperately won’t”, analyzer of new Bill O’Reilly pronounced in camera. One certain for things, the government must act. It’s ridiculous!

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