Mustachioed Putin trying out new looks

In what may be the fashion development of the year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been recently spotted sporting mustaches worthy of the world’s cruelest and most powerful leaders.
Hair first started to appear on Putin’s upper lip following the passage of a bill banning “gay propaganda,” which prohibits the distribution of information about homosexuality. Russian fashion expert Katinka Ingabogovinanana believes that this was to avoid a major faux-pas.

“There are two rules of fashion that everyone knows,” said Ingabogovinanana. “Never wear socks with sandals, and you cannot perform the systematic abuse of a minority population without a stunning mustache.”

So far, photographs show Putin sticking to the classics. Last month he was seen with the “mein stache”, popularized by aspiring-model-turned-dictator Adolf Hitler. However, more recently Putin has taken on a more genuinely Russian flair. Paparazzi caught a photo of Putin with the “pushbroom of the Gulags” first worn by Joseph Stalin.

While opinions in the fashion world are mixed, there’s one thing everyone will agree on: Putin must choose a look before the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. “Whatever mustache he’s wearing then will forever live in infamy,” said Ingabogovinanana.

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