by: Tim Horn
Staff Writer

Could the black plague strike at Pitt?
Uh, no.
It has been gone since the 19th century.
You should probably feel really dumb right now for actually having to read this.And now, some filler, so that this looks like an actual column.
Blah blah blah blopity yak yakwakka wakka woo said University officials Febtoday after a shocking outburst something about the Pitt Police and such.
Fvavdvieap vadvmdao ar kvmainvaad random letters aver barea,bara kvamvlci usl ip ip episolonsecretary of the interior.
Adfdfid ereveafljoird vidalkcviintertavdar. Blah blah somethingelse about the Pitt Police.
Yakkity yak yak phi beta taurelease the virus haha just kiddlinglolololol vaderu iapfdar. Charlie brown chemistry unless Green Bayis punished.
Joe Infedele said Steve Nortonwas a plague of recurring gags andblah blah pretty picture of a tree right to the right. Remains to beseen intrinsicly speaking about the-sis investigating Nick Carroway.
“Very original,” said Professor Moron, an Oxford graduate.
Finally, though officials are denying it, OCC is one of the dumb-est ideas since the Great Gazoo. And that’s saying something. What are aliens doing in the Stone Age,even if it is a Modern one?

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